Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus
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About Company

USPIO Ltd, based in Limassol, Cyprus, specializes in web and mobile software development, offering tailored solutions for various business needs. The company emphasizes robust support throughout all stages of project development, from initial consultation to ongoing technical support post-launch​.

Key Services Offered by USPIO Ltd:

  • Development of websites and mobile applications.
  • Integration of various systems into websites using technologies like API, XML, and JSON.
  • Product administration and support to ensure smooth operations for businesses.
  • SEO and SMM promotion to enhance online visibility and drive customer engagement​.

Benefits of Working at USPIO Ltd:

  • Opportunity to work in an environment focused on innovative IT solutions and software development.
  • Engagement with diverse projects across various themes and complexities, which fosters professional growth and expertise in multiple areas of web and mobile development.
  • The company’s active growth phase suggests opportunities for career advancement and involvement in new and exciting projects​​.

USPIO Ltd was incorporated in 2022 and operates as a private limited company. It is actively involved in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to modern business requirements​.

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