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Terminalfour offers leading digital marketing and web content management solutions for higher education.

The company is dedicated to enhancing the online presence of universities and colleges around the world and develops a platform that allows educational institutions to create and manage digital engagement strategies. Terminalfour is located in Dublin, Ireland and develops a broad range of tools that enable students to have a good user experience while browsing websites of universities and colleges. The main product on which the company puts a strong focus is the Terminalfour Platform, a web content management system that helps higher education institutions to develop, edit, and publish content on multiple channels easily and efficiently.

The system is specifically designed to be used by educational organizations, considering their unique needs and problems they may face. Terminalfour’s solutions are designed to help universities and colleges to attract more students, keep alumni in touch, and engage current learners. Its key features include personalization, multilingual content management, accessibility compliance, and integration with various campus systems.

Being committed to innovation, the company regularly updates the software so that its clients use the latest technologies available. Terminalfour has customers all over the globe, which makes it a trusted and experienced partner for hundreds of universities that need to refresh their digital communications and make their interaction with students and stakeholders better.