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About Spotware Systems

Spotware Systems was founded in 2010 and is based in Limassol, Cyprus. It is a global leader in financial technology, developing pioneering trading platforms and solutions for brokerage companies, banks, and traders worldwide. Led by FinTech expert Andrey Pavlov, the company is staffed with competent professionals with more than a hundred years of accumulated experience in the industry.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To build and deliver the most useful, usable, and fair trading applications for brokers and traders around the world.

Vision: Continually set new standards of behavior in the online trading industry through innovation, excellence, and non-stop improvement.

Core Values

  • Traders First™: Leading our strategic decisions and operations with the interests and needs of the trader.
  • Best Aligned Interests: To discover and align the interests of traders and brokers, providing transparency and developing trust for mutual benefit.
  • Innovate to Succeed: Constant innovation drives us to be a market leader within the financial markets.
  • Treasured Employees: Source and retain the very best talents to ensure continued innovation and advancement.

Leading Products and Solutions

  • cTrader Platform: Spotware’s flagship product, the cTrader trading platform, has already become an application of choice for millions of traders and is available through several major brokers worldwide. The platform allows traders to conduct both manual trading, algorithmic trading, and copy trading through desktop, web, and mobile interfaces.
  • Custom Development: Spotware maintains an in-house development department that leverages its competencies in providing customers with custom solutions to meet specific requirements and individual business needs.

Endless Innovation and Improvement

Spotware Systems provides excellent end-to-end trading platforms that solve problems and bring value. We innovate to succeed. With cTrader, you get the most complete solution available on the market, empowering your brokerage with premium Forex, CFD, and spread betting services. Full-cycle development guarantees zero integration hiccups and the best possible performance.

Awards and Accolades in the Industry

Spotware Systems has earned numerous awards and accolades in the FinTech industry, reflecting its status as a market leader. Rigorous engineering on technology built on top of enterprise hardware, ultra-low-latency networking, and a proprietary technology stack ensures best-in-class performance and ultimate reliability.

Why Spotware Systems

  • Proven Track Record: More than a decade of service in the FinTech industry, delivering the most reliable and innovative solutions.
  • Complete Solutions: The complete suite of trading tools and services caters to the diversified needs of brokers and traders.
  • Global Reach: Millions of traders use and endorse Spotware’s products, supported by a large and active community of partners and advocates.
  • Talented Team: A commitment to sourcing and retaining the best talent to ensure continued development and enhancement of products and services.

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