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Vasa Kellakiou, Limassol, Cyprus
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About Company

Reach International is a worldwide recruitment consultancy offering exceptional candidates to well-known organizations in different industries. With a vast recruitment network across several continents, there is a Reach International office near you.

Our recruitment solution is tailored to your needs, and you will be confident in the reasons we will find you the best talent in the world. The rigorous and proven recruitment procedure for our candidates makes Reach International the investment you need to make in a multicultural talent.

Our services span several sectors, such as finance, technology, healthcare, engineering and more. Our clients count on us to find the highest quality candidates for open positions. What make us successful are the values of our firm, because we endeavor to understand the culture and vision of each company we work with. Reach International is the partner of choice for long-term jobs and client results by implementing this value system.

We serve a startup to locate the best CTOs and help the worldwide company find crucial executive roles in various places. We are a first-class company since we have worldwide experience and connections, a strong emphasis on privacy and ethical recruitment tactics.

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