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About Company


Seeking for exciting next developments in your career with the most dynamic and inventive environment? Your search stops right at the doorstep of Odyssey Cybersecurity, an elite cybersecurity company on the beautiful and strategically situated island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. By relying on our commitment to delivering best-in-class performance and highest standards in all that we do, they have come to see us as an extension of their business, helping them to secure their digital presence.

About Odyssey Cybersecurity

Odyssey Cybersecurity has been set up to secure and aid the digital landscape from the threat of cyber-attacks and has quickly become a powerhouse of cybersecurity expertise. Our team of highly skilled professionals provide our clients with a managed security service, threat intel, risk management, and compliance services amongst others. Our advanced solutions and techniques are cutting-edge, which keeps our clients at the forefront of new cyber threats.

Vision and Mission

We believe in a safe digital world where businesses can prosper, safe in the knowledge that their digital assets are protected. Our mission is to give organizations the knowledge, power, and services they need to secure their most valuable resources. We aim to set the pace in the fast-moving world of cybersecurity, as we evolve and keep up with the changes in the threats facing digital data.

Why Work with Us?

Joining Odyssey Cybersecurity Growth and Innovation

When you join Odyssey Cybersecurity, you are part of an innovative and forward-thinking organization. We foster a culture of creativity where our employees feel empowered and can solve big problems in cybersecurity. With our dedication to R&D, we strive to be a step in front of the cybercriminals.

Our Talent Strategy is Our Business Strategy

DIMENSIONS OF DEVELOPING OUR TALENT pipeline | CONTINUOUS ACQUISITION. This is why we make such a big investment in professional development for our employees. To give our team members the resources to not only be successful in their jobs but also to find the opportunities they are looking for.

Paths to Promotion

Knowledge and skills are the key to career development. Odyssey Cybersecurity is a true meritocracy. We work together in a friendly, supportive, and inclusive environment. We know the best solutions come from a blend of perspectives and collaboration. Every voice is heard, and every idea is valued, from our open-door policy and flat organizational structure.

Convenient Location

Our headquarters in Cyprus offers a distinct advantage. TaxRates — Finally, being situated at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa makes Cyprus one of the most strategic places for our operations. Its excellent infrastructure, business-friendly climate, and the remarkable quality of life make it a place attractive to work and relax.

Career Opportunities

Odyssey Cybersecurity hires professionals at all levels of their careers. Whether you are a veteran in the world of cybersecurity or a great technology as a recent graduate – We have room for you. All of our openings meet different demands— cybersecurity analysts, penetration testers, risk management consultants, among others theaters of activity. Check out our Jobs in Cyprus, to apply for jobs open, or check back again later for fresh opportunities that might come up.

What We Do

We also provide employees with competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We believe in our customers, and our award-winning products attest to our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Committed to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do. We set the bar no higher — in everything we do, from the service we provide to how we treat our employees. We take great pride in the acknowledgment received from peers and clients; we strive to continue to be an unrivaled cybersecurity service provider. If you have an utmost passion for cybersecurity and you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, we welcome you to the Odyssey Cybersecurity family. Let us play our part, let’s make the digital world a safer place.

To learn more about our company, our services, and our team, visit our website at Odyssey Cybersecurity. Why wait around for the perfect job in Cyprus to become available; set the wheels in motion on an amazing career change with the best jobs in Cyprus. Odyssey Cybersecurity provides employment opportunities. We value diversity and seek to build an inclusive workplace for all employees. Be part of a company that values integrity, innovation, and excellence — work with us!

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