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About Company

Who We are

KoronaPay is a premium international remittance service that offers fast, secure, and affordable financial solutions to individuals and businesses across the globe. Being committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, KoronaPay has grown into a brand and synonymous name in the remittance industry. Our innovative platform guarantees problem-free financial transactions across borders, so you can easily and quickly gain access to your money.

Why KoronaPay?

At KoronaPay, we value the needs of the customer first and foremost, which is the very reason we function as a reliable money transfer company, ensuring the best in terms of efficiency. We have put into place transparency, security, and convenience in all dealings. Our commitment to excellence has made our reputation one of a trusted partner in all financial needs for our customers.

Our Global Presence

With a very wide and varied scope of partners and agents, KoronaPay operates in different countries, making it pretty easy for our customers to join us and share money to and from every part of the globe. A presence that is operational in every part of the globe gives us the means to deliver localized service with no compromise with regard to security and efficiency.

Opportunity in Cyprus

Part of the strategy in the growth of our firm is to expand its reach to Cyprus. The beautiful Mediterranean island, Cyprus, is not only known as a widely appreciated tourist destination but it also has a good deal of tech and finance professionals. Cyprus offers an enchanting combination of a high-quality lifestyle, positive business environment, and great connectivity—that makes it just the right place to balance work and downtime.

How to Join KoronaPay in Cyprus

When you work with KoronaPay in Cyprus, you become a part of an innovative and dynamic team. Our Cyprus office is tailor-made to encourage creativity and collaboration in a supportive environment, where employees can grow. We have a strong talent pool and a lot of career paths to follow in technology, customer support, marketing, and much more.

Key Benefits

State-of-the-Art Projects

At KoronaPay, you will work on innovating projects that impact millions of people worldwide directly. Our technological approach will keep you ahead of the curve in the remittance industry.

Professional Growth

We are committed to the growth of our employees. KoronaPay implements numerous training programs, workshops, and professional growth opportunities with the best trainers in their area to boost your skills and knowledge.


At the core, we believe in team collaboration. You will be surrounded by professionals who are driven and dedicated to making a difference in the finance industry.

Life-Work Balance

We realize the importance of life-work balance. Flexible work arrangements and an encouraging work environment will help you achieve a proper work-life balance.

Career Development

KoronaPay believes in employee empowerment at all levels of career. We offer clearly defined career progression paths where room for promotions based on performance and commitment are available. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, KoronaPay gives you the platform and support you need to unearth your very best.

If you are passionate about finance and technology and feel that a rewarding career is your mission, this is the right place to be and explore great career opportunities with us in Cyprus.

How to Apply

To learn more about current openings and to apply, visit our Jobs in Cyprus page. Here you will be able to find the most detailed description of a job, a list of necessary documents, and information about the selection process.


KoronaPay is more than just a company; it is a community of professionals striving to provide the best financial services. Join the Cyprus team and be part of the global game changer for the remittance industry. Check our Best Jobs today and see how you can be part of our growth.

KoronaPay – Connecting People, Bridging Distances.