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About Us

Iron Mountain is the storage and information management company that pioneered services for managing physical and digital data. Today, Iron Mountain serves millions of customers worldwide and boasts a real network that includes over 1,450 facilities in more than 50 countries dedicated to protecting and preserving the most critical assets of its clients. Iron Mountain Cyprus offers innovative solutions tailored to Cypriot businesses in a dynamic and constantly changing market. Our facility in Cyprus works with exactly the same dedication to security and reliability that has become the hallmark of our global mission. Our Cyprus facilities, designed to the highest specifications for the protection of data, are equipped with the latest in security technology. We service every different type of clientele, from small businesses operating within Cyprus and up to multinationals, with solutions that are both effective and in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

Why Work with Iron Mountain Cyprus?

  • Professional Growth: Iron Mountain employs the best and invests in them, thus attracting people who thrive on challenge and opportunity. In turn, the company provides its team with in-depth training programs and forces for professional growth. Thus, you will be in a position to meet the challenges of a constantly changing information management environment.
  • Diverse and Inclusive: We thrive on a diverse environment and are proud of an inclusive culture in which all employees are valued. Our team in Cyprus is no different — it is a multicultural, multidiscipline team that reflects the whole nature of our global operation with mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Innovation in Information Management: Iron Mountain is the leader in the information management sector. We actively seek employees’ ideas and involvement in any efforts that help shape the future of our services, ranging from digital transformation to physical storage solutions.
  • Sustainable Practices: Here at Iron Mountain, we consider ourselves a good corporate citizen, and we believe that this responsibility extends to sustainable operations. In Cyprus, our operations are run according to stringent environmental standards that enhance the sustainability of our services and reduce our impact on the natural world.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: At Iron Mountain, we believe in offering competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and retirement and savings plans. Our understanding is that we need to cater to the well-being and future security of our employees.

Our Services

  • Information and Records Management: We take full ownership of the entire lifecycle of both physical and digital records and, therefore, ensure the records are preserved and protected for retrieval.
  • Data Management Solutions: Our data backup and recovery services assure business data is secured and its continuity, in cases of breach, is assured.
  • Secure Destruction: By destroying information securely with integrity, we ensure data breaches are prevented and your business stays compliant.
  • Digital Transformation Services: From physical to digital, we help to transform businesses, supporting their accessibility and proficiency.


Iron Mountain Cyprus is always looking for professionals who are impassioned with information protection and management to join them. Our career opportunities are diverse, stretching from support functions to those that deliver our service directly. Visit our dedicated jobs page for more information on career opportunities and to apply for all jobs and IT jobs in Cyprus. Find your place amongst a team that values integrity, innovation, and growth, and an organization that will empower you to grow your career.

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