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About Company

Cyprus’ Premier Tech Recruitment

At Emerald Zebra, we are more than a corporation; we are a symbol of the change that is currently happening in the tech recruitment sphere in Cyprus. Located in the Mediterranean region, Emerald Zebra is in a prime position to manage the burgeoning rise in technology and innovation blooming throughout Cyprus. Our mission is to connect world-class tech talent with leading companies to enable growth and success within the Cypriot tech industry.

Who We Are

Founded by tech recruiting veterans and professionals, Emerald Zebra excels at tech recruiting. Technological growth is rapid, with an ever-increasing need for skills that can take a business to the next level. Our exposure and network of professionals in the tech business put us at the forefront, enabling us to connect top talent with tech companies as a trusted staffing solutions partner in Cyprus.

Our Services

  • Bespoke Recruitment Services: At Emerald Zebra, we offer tailor-made recruitment services for companies and job seekers across Cyprus. Whether you’re a startup in need of your very first developer or a multinational in search of a new IT Project Manager, we have the skills and network to find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Expert Tech Role Knowledge: We hold expertise in all types of tech roles, from software development to systems administration, IT project management, cybersecurity, and more. Our recruiters are up-to-date with HR practices and possess strong domain competencies in technical areas, ensuring that our recommended candidates meet high-quality standards for tech-based roles.
  • Talent Management and Development: Talent has to be nurtured. With Emerald Zebra, candidates will be groomed and provided with career progression advice and learning opportunities. We offer the resources and support to navigate the shifting tech landscape, helping you stay ahead of industry advances.
  • Great Opportunities: Cyprus is not just a beautiful island but also an advancing tech ecosystem. Our vast network connects candidates with leading tech companies and startups on the island, offering opportunities from front-end development to artificial intelligence and machine learning roles.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus offers a unique blend of historical richness and a contemporary lifestyle, making it an ideal place for professionals seeking a good work-life balance alongside a dynamic career. The tech sector in Cyprus is growing rapidly, supported by favorable government policies and increasing foreign investments. Living and working in Cyprus provides a multicultural environment, an optimal climate, and a society that values innovation and development.

Join Us Now

If you are a tech professional looking to advance your career in a dynamic and supportive environment, or a company seeking top talent, look no further. Explore opportunities and become part of this vibrant tech community by accessing our dedicated IT Jobs portal in Cyprus. With Emerald Zebra, you’re not just finding a job; you’re shaping your future in one of the most promising tech landscapes in Europe. We pledge excellence and are dedicated to your success. Let us help you find not just any job, but the right path in your tech career.

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