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Caldic is a global distribution and manufacturing firm, specializing in chemical and ingredient solutions for a wide range of industries. Established in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 1970, Caldic is one of the leading key players in the chemical segment, being a provider of high-standard products and custom-made services to its customers across the globe. The company ranges multiple markets, including food, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial, and water treatment segments. The product offering encompasses chemicals, solvents, and performance ingredients and a wide range of services, such as blending, packaging, and logistics solutions. The unique selling point of Caldic is the firm’s capability to tailor its offering to meet the specific needs of its clients, presenting custom-made solutions to improve product performance and efficiency.

Moreover, sustainability and innovation are central to Caldic’s offering. The company invests large volumes in research and development to enhance current products, as well as to discover new formulations and technologies to fit market demand and environmental requirements. The firm also accentuates its commitment to sustainability through dedicated programs and projects designed to minimize the environmental impact and promote responsible sourcing.

Caldic is a company with a global presence and a network of advanced facilities and distribution centers throughout Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. This presence is designed to ensure a sustainable supply chain and closely-connected customer relations, laying ground for a lifelong partnership in the chemical sector. In addition to product quality and innovation, the people form the cornerstone of the company’s success. Caldic employs an experienced team of professionals poised to deliver outstanding service and expertise to the customers.

The people at Caldic are well-trained and possess a comprehensive knowledge of their fields, offering valuable insights and support to decision-making. Overall, Caldic is a choice of preference when it comes to comprehensive chemical and ingredient solutions.

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