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About Company

Airalo, established in 2019 and headquartered in Delaware, USA, is at the forefront of the eSIM technology revolution. It provides a digital alternative to traditional SIM cards, enabling travelers to access mobile data services in over 200 countries, thus simplifying global connectivity without the need for physical SIM swaps.

Key Aspects of Airalo:

  • Product Offering: Airalo offers a diverse range of eSIM plans tailored to various travel needs, covering over 200 countries with nearly 700 different plan combinations. This variety allows users to select specific data plans based on service duration and data package size.
  • Growth and Expansion: The company has demonstrated significant growth, with a strong monthly revenue increase of 20% and substantial funding amounting to $65.4 million. The growth is supported by the increasing adoption of eSIM technology, which major smartphone manufacturers like Apple are integrating.
  • Market Impact: Airalo is recognized as an innovative player in the mobile telecommunications space, particularly advantageous for travelers seeking to avoid high roaming charges. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of eSIM technology have made it a preferred choice for many mobile users.
  • Global Presence: Airalo operates in multiple global locations, including offices in Canada, Singapore, and Turkey, reflecting its international business model and the broad reach of its services.

Working at Airalo offers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic tech company at the cutting edge of the eSIM market, contributing to products that enhance global connectivity and mobility. The company’s expansion and innovative approach provide a promising environment for professionals in the tech and telecommunications industries.