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About Company

About Employer: BrainRocket at a Glance

BrainRocket is the vanguard of the Tech industry, developing the most innovative software solutions that enable companies in their process of digital transformation. Located in Cyprus, BrainRocket has grown at a fast pace and has become one of the elite technology development centers in the region, offering leading-edge services in the development of software, mobile apps, and UX/UI design. Our mission is to empower businesses through technology in a manner that will enhance their operation efficiency and market reach.

Our Presence in Cyprus

Our operations in Cyprus are at the very heart of the Mediterranean. Our presence takes the best out of the island’s strong tech ecosystem, great business climate, and highly competitive employers’ ecosystem. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Limassol act as a space for over 250 energetic international employees who are hand-picked professionals from across the globe. These experts typically boast rich experience in their respective functional domains, bringing unique perspectives and deep technical expertise to the BrainRocket dynamic and innovative culture.

Why BrainRocket?

Innovation at the Core:

With innovation and creativity being our core values, at BrainRocket, we encourage our team to bring forward unique ideas and challenge the impossible with technology.

Professional Development:

Employees at BrainRocket can make use of various career development options. We offer innumerable continuous learning programs, workshops, and seminars to help our people remain at the vanguard of the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace:

We take pride in our diverse employees and hence, we try to maintain an inclusive workplace where everybody feels respected and integrated. This diversity gives way to our global mindset while it also drives our creative problem-solving skills.

Personal Time:

BrainRocket supports a flexible working environment, knowing that personal time is very vital for productivity. We provide opportunities for remote work and flextime. We ensure our employees have a work-life balance.

Competitive Pay and Benefits:

BrainRocket has a competitive pay chart with a full health benefits package and performance bonuses. We recognize and reward merits and accomplishments with financial incentives and career advancement.

Our Services

Software Development:

We develop software from scratch according to what is required by our customers—whether they be startups or significant establishments.

Mobile App Development:

We design and develop user-friendly mobile applications which are intuitive in nature and have a scalable feature. Our development moves on to encompass the iOS and Android platforms.

UX/UI Design:

We design attractive and user-friendly designs so as to enrich the user experience and further increase customer satisfaction.

Emerging Technologies:

Up to the edge of emerging technologies, with pioneering solutions unlocking new opportunities and industries.


Join BrainRocket when you are passionate and highly skilled to make a dent in the techie world. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a fresh graduate, we want to place your career a notch higher; therefore, we have positions open. To learn more about available positions and how to apply, see our dedicated jobs page for All Jobs.

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